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Things To Do In Anticipation of Entering The Pharmaceutical Industry
Author:  PharmaVet
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The pharmaceutical industry is well known for being very difficult to get into, especially if you don't have prior pharmaceutical sales experience or at least outside B2B sales experience. It's very hard to get attention from recruiters and employers. Then, once you start getting calls, it's hard to get that first face to face interview. Getting through a company's interview process can be grueling, and it's crushingly disappointing to get all the way through the process and learn that you didn't get the job.

It's even more heartbreaking to get that contingent job offer and then have it rescinded because you didn't pass the background check, the pre-employment drug screen, the reference check, or the driving record check. There are a few things you can do in advance, however, to avoid these problems.

  • It sounds obvious, but Nancy Reagan's message bears repeating: Just Say No. If you never use illegal drugs, you won't have to worry about the drug screen.
  • However, if that ship has already sailed, the next best thing you can do is stop using drugs immediately. The longer your system is clean, the better your chance of passing the drug screen. And don't underestimate the sophistication of the people handling your drug screening. They've seen all the ways people try to cheat and they have safeguards in place to prevent them.
  • If you take ANY prescription drugs, save every single pharmacy receipt. If you routinely take a prescription drug that shows up on drug screens, you will be fine if you can produce proof that the drug was legally prescribed for you. If it's someone else's prescription, it's illegal for you to take it. The pharmacy receipt you must save is the printed receipt that shows your name, your doctor's name, the date, Rx number, name of the drug, and other information. Cash register receipts are not good enough. Don't try to guess ahead of time which drugs they will screen for and which they won't...just save all the receipts.
  • If this ship has already sailed, however, don't worry. The lab that does the drug screen can, with your permission, contact your doctor or the pharmacy to obtain proof that you were legally prescribed the drug. This way takes longer than if you have the pharmacy receipt, though, so it should be your last resort.
  • Take down blogs and remove yourself from social networking sites like MySpace. I'll write more at another time about 'digital dirt' -- information on job-seekers that turns up when potential employers do an internet search on you -- but for now, just be aware that recruiters and potential employers are routinely Googling job-seekers to see what comes up. Anything you or anyone else has posted that shows you in an unflattering light will torpedo your job search.
  • Pay to run a background check on yourself. There are a number of websites that you can use for this. You can run as extensive a background check as you're willing to pay for, and it may be worth it if you're afraid that unfavorable information might be found by a potential employer. If you find that your background check isn't coming back clean, there may be steps you can take to remedy it.
  • Get advance permission from your references so you know they're willing to speak well of you. But don't stop there...when you get to the point in an interview process at which your references will be checked, contact them all again. Ask if it's still ok to use them as references, provide them with a copy of your resume and the job posting, and fill them in on what qualities or experience seem to be most important to the potential employer.
  • Keep ALL proof that you are fabulous, accomplished, and would be an asset to your potential employer. You should already be keeping anything of this sort from present and past jobs, college, and even volunteer activities. If you haven't been, start immediately. If there is documentation of your fabulosity that you don't have, but you think you could get your hands on a copy of it, get started right away. You'll need all of this for your brag book.
  • Your driving record needs to be very, very clean. If it's not, start working on cleaning it up. Stop speeding, drive responsibly, and don't ever drink and drive. Stories of people being pulled over after even just one drink are legion, and it's a fact that you will have extraordinary difficulty ever getting a pharmaceutical sales job with a DUI on your record. Don't take the chance. Even a few speeding tickets can eliminate you from contention for a pharma sales job, so think ahead.

Think of all of this as pre-work for your job search. You need to get yourself together before starting your job search so that you don't squander any opportunities by being unprepared.

  Author: Anonymous Medzilla Reader
    Re: Things To Do In Anticipation of Entering The Pharmaceutical Industry   Log In to Report Post
   I ran out of my current narcotic drug by one day, so I took an old presciption my doctor had given me. A few years ago. I went to the er because of a fall, and injured my head He looked at the list of medications I was on ,was totally appalled at the medications I take. He felt my doctor was over prescibing, how ever, I live with 3 debilitating disabilitys. That this Dr didn't know about.He did a urine test without asking me. Was he out of line?
  Author: Jason Levens
    Re: Things To Do In Anticipation of Entering The Pharmaceutical Industry   Log In to Report Post
   I have been trying to get an interview or some kind of response from a number of businesses. What is the best way to go about getting an interview/foot in the door.
  Author: Anonymous Medzilla Reader
    Re: Things To Do In Anticipation of Entering The Pharmaceutical Industry   Log In to Report Post
   What all can be found out on an internet check?

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